Simple Ways To Make Mesh Glass 

Simple Ways To Make Mesh Glass 

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Mesh glass can be a challenging object to model. It is usually made of two parts, a glassy portion, and a solid part. This makes it tricky to get the right mix of transparency, reflection, and occlusion. Fortunately, there are a few simple ways to create mesh glass.

Additive diffuse blending:

This shader adds ambiguity to the surface of a mesh object. This is especially useful for glass because otherwise, it would appear opaque. This method works well with image-based lighting, although it can produce strange effects in certain situations.

The diffuse color of a material is defined by the base color reflected when full white light hits it. Using a diffuse texture can reduce the appearance of specularity, making an object appear brighter.

Normal input:

One of the easiest ways to make mesh glass is to use the normal input shader. This shader lets you change the surface properties without changing your model. You can also use a different type of input if you want to bend the light differently. For instance, you can choose a white background with roughness zero for glass.

Principled BSDF shader:

The Principled BSDF shader is a shader for mesh objects. It connects the Image texture and material output nodes. It also connects the surface of material output. In other words, it allows you to control your mesh objects’ normal and specular maps.

To use this shader, you must first set up the appropriate scene for it. You can either set a default world or create your world. You can also change the material settings if you want.

Adding another plane for your light source:

Adding another plane for your light source when creating mesh glass is a simple yet effective technique that helps create a realistic-looking glass surface. The plane should be placed behind the camera, and its strength should be high enough to reflect light. It should also be rotated so the reflection will be in the desired location. After selecting a plane, press the S key to resize and rotate it. The plane should now look like the screenshot below. Ensure that you choose the proper material with a strength of 10 or higher.

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