How to Get Backlinks

Any body who is learning SEO (search engine optimization) has heard the word ‘backlinks’. Backlinks have become so important to online advertising campaigns that they are now considered main building blocks of the campaigns. You first must know what a backlink is. How to get backlinks is a very important skill to learn. But we will also look at why it is important to use backlinks.

SEO are different techniques that bring traffic to your article. Backlinks are one of these techniques; they have become building blocks for SEO for a few reasons. A backlink is a link on another website, article, newsletter or blog, etc. that leads back to your website, article, etc. Learning how to get backlinks is something that can be done by you for no cost. It will take a bit of your time though. You will have to become a member of networking sites and newsletters and even start a blog. You can post links on these networking sites that link to your website or article.

The reason you want to get backlinks is because it is a great way for your website to get ranked, especially in Google. The way search engines rate your website, articles or blogs is based on quality and popularity. Quality: the linking text must be the same as the site, the link must go to a relevant site, backlinks placed on authoritative websites are very valuable and the backlink is considered valuable and relevant and has a strong influence on the search engine ranking. Popularity: simply put, link popularity is a measurement of the total amount of links coming into your site. 구글상위노출

When you learn how to get backlinks you will learn how to make them of good quality and relevant content. The search engines will use algorithms that compare the word content and decide if the sites are related. For example if you have a post about ‘fly fishing’ on Digg.com and it links to your article on ‘bird watching’ you will not get a rating from Google because the two are not related at all. Another small technique to use when linking to your website or article is to make your linking text the same as you keywords. The reason is because you keyword will obviously be related to your topic whereas ‘CLICK HERE’ doesn’t. It’s just another little trick to get the search engines to see you and rank you.

Depending on what you are trying to achieve online, will probably dictate which route you take to get ranked with the search engines. I chose to learn how to build backlinks to promote my article marketing campaigns. This technique can also apply to websites or blogs. You first find a keyword you would like to use. Then you build your content around that word or phrase. Please keep in mind the content you create should be of good quality and it should be original. Either you submit your article to a subscription site or publish your website. Now you can start building backlinks. You should start by looking for social networking sites. These are sites like Twitter, Flickr and Facebook. You make posts on these sites that are relevant to your content and at the end of your short post you can attach a link to your site. Now remember if the site wants you to post linking text, use the name of your article as the text. Most often you post the link and it just shows the title of your site or article.

If you know how to get backlinks it will give your website or article more popularity and it will get ranked higher in Google, which is what you want so people can find you. Just imagine if you post consistently on these sites how many links you will receive. Then if you get followers they to will have a link to your page and so on and so forth. Learning how to get backlinks is one of the best ways to promote your website or article. I hope this helps you understand the amazing power of backlinks and will help you increase your online income.



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