How to Make Cat Toys

Have you ever noticed that a young child is usually more interested in the box that a toy came from than the toy itself? Cats are often the same way. It is not only boxes that are likely to get and keep their attention, but many other household items can be used to make cat toys at a low cost. If you want to know how to make cat toys, simply take a look around your home. You likely have many different kinds of things that can be transformed for no cost at all that your cat would love. And, if you spend just a bit on some loose catnip, you can make even more toys. In this article I am going to list a few different types of toys you can make to entertain your furry friend for hours from things lying around the house.


Any type of box, large or small, can potentially become a great toy for cats. Cats love to hide in them, or chase toys into them. They love being enclosed like that so a box can become a favorite type of cat toy. If you want to make cat toys and have some empty boxes lying around, grab a pair of scissors and cut a few crawl holes out. If your box is large enough, like one that a microwave comes from, this can make an excellent fort! Tape or glue a few dangly strings which can come from an old shoelace to the top of the box to give them something to play with inside. If you have two or more cats, they will enjoy this toy even more. Scratch and Purr


Loose catnip is sold in many stores, including grocery stores or specialty pet stores. It is generally very inexpensive and can stretch pretty far. You can take an old sock and cut the end off, fill it with catnip and sew it closed to make a little catnip ball for your kitty to chase around. Catnip makes many cats experience a sense of euphoria, but some cats are immune. The large majority, however, react pretty strongly to the stuff so you might wish to fill the sock with some cotton and use a bit less catnip so it is not too potent.

Scratch Mats

If you want to learn how to make cat toys and have any scraps of carpet lying around, this carpet can be glued to a block of wood or some other sturdy object to create a great scratching pad. Cats tend to scratch furniture and other objects in order to sharpen their claws, unless they live outside. Scratching is an important thing for them to do in order to keep their claws short, so encourage them to scratch what you want them to scratch and save your furniture. Catnip can also be rubbed into the scratching mat to encourage them to use it.

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