Successful Entrepreneur Or Amateur Entrepreneur – Which One Are You?

None of us are born a successful entrepreneur. We all come into the world in the same way namely naked, scared and ignorant. What then separates us are the choices we make during our lives. These choices can range from whether we go into further education, who we marry, the career we choose, living a healthy life and the list goes on.

Making the right choices are important as ultimately these choices will determine how successful and happy we will become in life. Even when we make the wrong choice, many of us fear changing that decision as we fear taking the necessary action to make our lives better.

This applies to those who have made bad career choices. Many will continue to complain that they hate their job which then impacts on their home life, but most will still not take the necessary steps to change their lives for the better.

Even those who are brave enough to take action and start their own business sometimes still make the wrong choices that will still lead to failure and dissatisfaction. So what separates the successful entrepreneurs from the amateur entrepreneurs?

Both sets of entrepreneurs are focused on becoming successful and both work hard to achieve their goals. However successful entrepreneurs are aware that success will not happen overnight and they build their success slowly and consistently and avoid the common pitfalls faced by their less successful counterparts.

Some of the downfalls that many entrepreneurs experience include: Steph Korey

Slow And Steady Wins The Race

Successful entrepreneurs realise that success will not happen overnight. They acknowledge that even seemingly small steps will eventually lead to the peak of the mountain. Like the story of the tortoise and the hare their goal is about adopting positive behaviour and habits and above all being consistent until slowly, but surely, they go on to win the race. They realise that in order to become successful they will need to work very hard to achieve that success.

They also do not become complacent when they have achieved success. Instead they continue to do the things that have made them successful realising that consistency is key to long term success.

Self Education

Self education in another major reason why some entrepreneurs are more successful than others. Technology is constantly changing and therefore for any kind of entrepreneurship, education is paramount to success especially for those who have online businesses.

Take 100% ownership

To become a successful entrepreneur accountability is a must. You will need to take full responsibility for the way that your business is run. Amateur entrepreneurs have the tendency to blame any shortcomings on bad luck or on other people. However, any mistakes made are, again, as a result of making bad decisions. For example if mistakes are made in a script that has been written for you it is wrong to blame the scriptwriter, as ultimately you should have taken ownership and checked the script before the presentation. Likewise it is your own fault and not bad luck, if you overstretch yourself financially and then factors go against you. A good businessman would make a better decision by allowing for any eventualities that might happen and keep a reserve of cash in case.



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