Tips to Help You Buy a New Kitchen Range Hood

It may seem confusing at first when shopping for a kitchen range hood, but apart from a few things you need to keep in mind it is not that difficult as it may first seem. Once you have an idea of how you want your new kitchen range hood to look like, you need to think about what is under the hood and how it will perform in your kitchen.

Probably one of the most important factors when choosing a range hood is to look at the fan motor. It is important that the fan can sufficiently extract the cooking air properly. It needs to be able to cope when all the hobs on the stove are being used. The fan also needs to be able to remove these cooking fumes from the kitchen and expel it outside of your home or re-circulate it back into the kitchen as clean air. custom range hoods

It goes without saying that the faster the fan speed the better it is at removing the cooking air from the stove. Most kitchen range hoods come with either a two or three fan speed. It is advisable to buy a range hood that is at least a three speed fan. Another factor is to think about how quiet this fan motor will operate when in use. The faster the fan works, the noisier it will be. You really want to try and find a fan motor that is as quiet as possible, and this is especially important is you have an open plan kitchen that joins the dining room or the living room.

You also need to make sure that you get either a ventless or a vented range hood for your kitchen. The ventless range hood simple re-circulates the cooking steam back into the kitchen. The vented range hood is connected to a duct system that goes outside of the home, so the cooking steam is extracted to outside. Not every home has a ducts installed through the ceiling and it may be too expensive to have one installed. In these circumstances, a ventless hood will be a cheaper option and as long as the filters are replaced or cleaned on a regular basis, they will work just as well as the vented hoods.

It is also worth looking at these kitchen appliances in person at your local store, even if you are going to buy one online. Seeing them in person can also give you an idea of the size and whether it will fit into your kitchen.

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