Weight Loss Yoga – The Hidden Secret

The general concept of Hatha Yoga is a mind and body exercise, but that barely skims the surface as to what Hatha, or any other form of Yoga, is. Now we hear of Yoga for ripped abs, growing taller, stress relief, back pain, and raising children. Is it all a marketing ploy, or can it do all of these things?

Truthfully, ripped abs will require more than Yoga, but you can reduce and manage your weight loss. If you have tried losing weight before, you know about false promises. You know that instant weight loss diets are “roller coaster rides.” There is no yo-yo effect from bringing Yoga into your life, but changes do happen gradually, so let’s look at why and how.

Why does Yoga help people lose weight?

Up to this point in time – of all the studies that have taken place so far, the study (conducted by researchers at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center) in Seattle, is the most well known. Yet, the concept of Yoga for weight reduction has experts baffled.

The physical form we know as “Hatha Yoga” does not burn the calories of a high impact exercise. When you put Yoga under a microscope, it produces results, but it leaves researchers baffled. What is the answer? In any study, subjects who practiced Yoga did so as a lifestyle. It was never viewed as a temporary fix.

Yoga is a lifestyle. To see it as an exercise is not the full view or an accurate picture. In fact, the biggest secret in losing weight, through Yoga practice, is enhanced emotional health. We often hear about mind, body, and spirit, but we ignore emotional heath. When your emotional health is unstable, it is hard to control your weight at all.

How does Yoga help people lose weight?

Through regular practice of Hatha Yoga, a practitioner can improve emotional flows. This puts your feet on stable ground and keeps your mind focused. Unhealthy habits can gradually be changed into positive habits. Sure you can count calories, if you like, but it’s much easier to take one day at a time, when you are programmed with healthy habits.

The deeper key is to change your mental thought process toward daily Yoga practice, walking, biking, activities, and moderate dieting habits. This is not a drastic lifestyle change, but it is a gradual one. It may take time to get to your optimum weight, but you will change your direction from the first day of Yoga practice.

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